Top Trending JavaScript Frameworks for 2022

Top Trending JavaScript Frameworks for 2022

Java is one of the most popular and well-known object-oriented programming languages, continuously chosen by top players like Google, eBay, Netflix, and many others. There are so many front-end JavaScript frameworks in the market that it becomes difficult to choose one. Here you can get more detailed information about the top trending JavaScript frameworks for 2022.

Top Trending JavaScript Frameworks for 2022


So many new features and updates have made Angular top the list. This framework has the capability to provide the users with high performance and zero-step installation. A plus point with Angular is that desktop-installed apps can be created with similar strategies across all the operating systems. 

Angular has so many advantages; from two-way data binding to component-based architecture, it has improved server performance. This framework is perfect for large applications. The Hierarchical dependency injection function makes it easier to control, reuse, and test the code components. 

React JS

n the world of JS, React is the king. There are so many front-end and web development concepts introduced by ReactJS. With this framework, you can make engaging Dynamic UI. With its JSX feature, writing components is a lot easier as JSX resembles closely to HTML. 

This framework was created by Facebook, and it has some amazing features to offer. For instance, a custom renderer called React Native, Virtual DOM, and much more. For the last few years, it has been the most used front-end technology. 

Vue JS

Vue is one of the best frameworks, and its worth can be analyzed from the fact that thousands of websites are created with the help of Vue. It has lots of exciting features that include two-way binding, virtual DOM, and component-based architecture with extraordinary performance. 

Vue is quite simple than other frameworks, and this is what makes it beginners friendly. The availability of various tools, including well-elaborated documentation, keeps it at the top. It is quite fast with a good support system. Most of all, Vue has a positive impact on SEO. 

Express JS

Express is not exactly a framework; rather, it is a library for managing routing. ExpressJS is suitable for you if you are willing to manage routing. It is basically a node.js application framework. It has been used by a lot of big companies in their tech stack. ExpressJS gives high performance and rapid development. It is simple and easy to use. With great community and extensive documentation, it is one of the best frameworks. 

Next JS

Next is ideal for achieving maximum conversion rates and sales. Since it has lower maintenance costs and an excellent user experience, it is the best choice for creating fast static websites. Along with that, Next is great for SEO and gives you the flexibility in building UI and UX. 

The aim is to provide the users with a platform for making fast static websites that behaves almost like dynamic ones. Since it is fast and provides CSS support, Next is loved by all the developers. The data stays completely secure with Next as there is virtually no connection with any sensitive information. 


All the above-reviewed front-end frameworks are the best in the market. However, each one of them is suitable for a particular work. Find out your objective and choose the framework accordingly.

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