Top Digital Transformation Trends in 2022

Top Digital Transformation Trends in 2022

The digital transformation has already marked significant progress in the development of multinational companies. The introduction of the digital transformation process can help cut down on the time and describes the business process of transitioning to digital systems for efficiency, scalability, and affordability. Read more about digital transformation trends in 2022.

Top Digital Transformation Trends in 2022

Artificial Intelligence

Decentralizing AI has the ability to speed Digital Transformation, making it one of the top digital transformation topics for 2022. To put it another way, democratising AI means making it available to every organisation and, ideally, every employee. Using AI-powered technologies to identify trends, make decisions, predict, analyze, and enhance them. No matter how big or small a company is, it will try to implement AI into its systems and operations. Others can start their AI journey using AI-as-a-service providers and AI solutions from firms like Google, Microsoft, and AWS. With AI it will be able to automate repetitive or complex tasks in different industries such as manufacturing, supply chain, market research, etc. Many organisations already use it, including Amazon’s Alexa. With machine learning, you can improve predictive analytics and forecasting.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence technologies to save data records and files using biometrics, fingerprint sensors, and facial recognition procedures can enhance the security of the stored data. The Artificial Intelligence has minimizedthe trouble caused by hackers by improving the security modes of the stored data. No matter whether the organization is small-scale or large-scale, incorporating artificial intelligence techniques into the workplace can only improve the productivity of the company. Appsvolt experience in Artificial Intelligence solutions and developed several solutions for Healthcare Industry


Business process automation is a must-have digital transformation theme for 2022. Automation will no longer be reserved for large corporations next year, as more affordable options hit the market. Small business owners will start using automation for their bookkeeping, marketing, and customer service processes to stay competitive. 77% of firms utilizeintegration, automation, application development, and AI products daily. As mentioned above, AI will help to automate tedious jobs and difficult processes for different industries.

Automation and digital transformation often coexist, the fundamental explanation is that one leads to the other. Companies will accelerate digital transformation by automating more procedures. Digital transformation is the outcome of automation. Business executives will now need to automate processes to keep their organisations solvent and running efficiently. Gartner predicts hyper-automation will be a prominent technology trend in 2022. It describes how technologies like machine learning, RPA, AI, low code, and others work together. Let’s Automate your Business Process using Appsvolt’s Enterprise App Development Services.

Cyber Security

The pandemic that arose last year made cybersecurity more significant due to the rapidity of attacks on different organizations. Since most firms now use remote working, better and more diligent security measures are required. Strong cybersecurity policies are a primary priority for firms undergoing or considering digital transformation. Digital transformation must match a company’s security policies and infrastructure.

According to Gartner, by 2020, 60% of digital organizations would fail due to security teams’ incapacity to address digital risk. The rise of cyberattacks in recent years confirms the prediction. In 2020, there were over 445 million cyberattacks. To reduce this risk, IT firms increasingly have CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) who prioritize CyberSecurity and Data protection.

Remote Work

Since the pandemic, businesses have been working remotely or from home. Several surveys and analyses indicate that remote employment is here to stay. Companies have recognised the potential benefits of remote working in boosting digital transformation. For the ‘work from home’ population, there will be more smart technology and advances. In the coming year, the most popular digital transformation trend will be hybrid workplaces. They are expanding and changing workplaces. In a connected world, employee expectations are changing.

Companies must adapt and provide digitally linked experiences to enhance productivity and talent retention. These days, more and more companies rely on blended or interactive ties with their staff. Employees’ expectations have changed, and the work-life balance has shifted to enable greater time for non-work activities. To increase productivity and retain employees, companies must create digital-first and connected experiences.


5G is the next generation of mobile connectivity. 5G is projected to respond to orders in roughly one millisecond, whereas 4G takes up to 200 milliseconds. Businesses that rely on IoT can gain a lot from 5G’s increased efficiency. Encouraging businesses to adopt IoT will help reduce the amount of output that is influenced by company decisions. 5G offers enhanced security, reliability, and bandwidth. For consumers, 5G means faster broadband and much more robust mobile networks, paving the way for a more connected future.

Currently, firms are seeking to run business from home or remote locations. 5G was much lauded last year and will continue to gain importance this year. For enhanced bandwidth and reliability, 5G networks can bring unprecedented speed and connectivity. By enabling greater IoT connectivity, improving user experience and accelerating digital transformation. In the coming year and beyond, these transformation trends will impact your digital transformation plans.

Customer Data Platforms

Data is collected everywhere in the digital age. Companies now have unprecedented access to customer data. You acquire information from them whether or not they interact with your organization or buy one of your products or services. This data is utilized to understand more about customer behavior and desires.

Smaller companies with a restricted marketing stack wouldn’t have an issue. Extracting information from a large pool of data can be tough for firms with diverse goods, marketing methods, and customers. So the Customer Data Platform comes in handy. With a customer data platform (CDP), you can develop more targeted and engaging marketing campaigns for your customers. CDPs collect, organize, tag, and make data usable. Today’s organisations often fail to maximise the value of the data accessible to them. Data analytics can also help boost growth and efficiency. These aspects will enable and revolutionize digital transformation. Appsvolt having extensive experience in Data Analytics Solutions and expertise in interactive dashboards creation. Develop your custom software application to data analytics and business intelligence.

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