Social Networking Application with B2B eCommerce

A Social Networking Application with B2B eCommerce using PHP, WordPress, iOS & Android supporting Web & Mobile. It is developed for replacing a legacy application for NGO to manage networking, B2B commercial activities and Data Analytics.

A Social Networking Application with eCommerce solution for the NGO group. It has various community projects and activities like Group Buying, Healthcare Wellness Plan Offering at very competitive rates and Education for its members globally. It has a volume of approx. 100k+ product/services sales per week.  Apart from Social Networking, it also provides B2B eCommerce with Hyperlocal Vendor/Customer online ordering based on area code for doorstep delivery. This Application has SMS & App based quick ordering system by just adding the product to cart from offers posted by local vendors (Brick & Mortar Shop). 

 User can connect with other user’s of the application and communicate with them. User can view listed products and make an order, and at the same time put up their products to sell. There’s a reporting system wherein we can dynamically generate reports with BI. Admin can generate dashboards for various types of users. 

There’s an application called FormBuilder built into it where forms can be generated with drag-and-drop features. There’s a kind of We Chat that members can use to purchase products and participate in forums and events.