Node JS has Transformed Enterprise Mobile App Development

NodeJS is flexible and allows the development of high-performance applications. It is easily deployed as a server-side to develop standard web applications and it can easily manage a large number of continuous connections in a non-blocking way. Check here some reasons why NodeJS became so popular for enterprise mobile app development.

Technologies are changing every day and mobile app development companies in California, the USA are making the most of the digital revolution. Node.js is one such framework that Node.js development companies in California, the USA prefer over all other technologies or frameworks. Not only it is free and fast, but scalable as well. Let’s take a look at some reasons why Node.js became so popular for enterprise mobile app development-
Node js has Transformed Enterprise Mobile App Development

Enterprise App development is Challenging

Enterprise mobile app development brings its own set of challenges. Enterprise mobile apps are required to maintain confidential data, track business growth & performance of employees and a lot more. Enterprise mobile app development calls for a robust and reliable language. That’s why mobile app development companies in Sacramento California find Node.js an obvious pick for enterprise app development.

Node JS offers Easy Coding

Node js offers easy coding. It also fulfills all the needs of enterprise mobile app development process. One of the biggest advantages of using Node js for enterprise mobile app development is that as soon as the changes are made on the data server, the changes instantly reflect on the web page as well.

Fast Synchronization Process

Reusable RESTful APIs

According to Node js development companies in Sacramento, CaliforniaNode js enables you to develop real time web-apps. It is a preferred choice of language to create real-time and multi-user apps such as gaming apps and chat apps. The Node js architecture serves both the client side and server side and therefore fast synchronization becomes a breeze.

Node js is known for focusing on RESTful APIs which help develop extensive software systems. Also, APIs can manage huge amount of data by connecting with the back-end. It helps the process efficient and lightweight at all times. Since, Node js is a robust enterprise language; it is preferred by all Node js development companies in Sacramento, California.

Increased productivity & efficiency

Flexibility is the hallmark of Node js. it allows code sharing among members which adds to efficiency and productivity. It can hold as many as 190,000 modules due to a huge NPM registry. Besides, the availability of a huge number of modules on GitHub makes it easier for the developers to tweak them to their advantage.

Node. s has without a shadow of doubt revolutionized the mobile app development industry. Even the biggest of brands inclusive of Yahoo, Walmart and eBay use Node js for agile and scalable apps.

No wonder, it has become indispensable to all mobile app development companies in California. If you have any questions about Node js or enterprise mobile app development, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to guide you through.