Mobile App Security essentials for App Developers

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Mobile App Security Essentials For App Developers

Today technology enables us the unlimited usage of the internet which is the huge milestone in the history of the digital world. 50% of overall usage got online in February 2017 using mobile devices. Concurring this situation in mobile app usage has also raised a lot of security, safety and protection questions. So that the next big hurdle that market facing is that of mobile application security.

Why Mobile Applications Need Security?

1 out of 3 organizations never test the mobile applications they develop and only 60% of enterprises protect the customers they’re developing for, that means rest 40% (which includes Fortune 500 companies too) were not protecting the data. And only half of the same organizations given any budgetary allocations for mobile app security. It should be no wonder that there are some applications out there are inadequate.

Let’s see the Mobile Application Security Checklist

Use Proper Authentication/Authorization

Authentication and Authorization issues enable the malicious users to do such tasks as imitating other users, making operations as other users and access other data and actions of the application that they wouldn’t usually be permitted to reach. The development team should make the priority for the authentication and authorization mechanisms throughout the development. Online money transaction process is often the victims of Authentication/Authorization attacks.

Using Encryption

Technology is continuously growing, and as a result, encryption algorithms become obsolete and easier to break. Use the best encryption technique. If you use weak encryption or choose not to add it, the user’s information can be hacked. The more successful the application is, the more possible it is to be hacked. So, if you want your application to be at the peak, add good encryption methods.

Secure Your Code

Mobile applications are highly vulnerable to malware attacks and data breaks. The developers have to pay extra attention to write a robust code that does not allow to communicate any important things to hackers. As this is one of the most significant things to mobile application security, The developers must follow mobile application security measures and assured that their applications must not be vulnerable. Mobile applications security has to be the top priority during the entire system development life cycle of mobile application development.

Choose A Reliable Backend

Nowadays almost every application requires backend service and this backend must be secured. The APIs that are accessing backend should have security measures in place to defend the data and restrict the unauthorized access. The backend can be the suitable target for hackers to get the unauthorized data. So, the things accessing the backend must be verified to prevent eavesdropping on delicate information passing from the backend.

Use Secure Network Connections

The network security is one of the greatest challenges in mobile application security. The application connects to the internet via cellular networks, Wi-Fi, VPN, etc. The precautions should be taken by the developers to encrypt data during transmission. The communication between mobile application and server should be encrypted, to prevent the intruders.

Choose Third-party Libraries Wisely

Nowadays third-party offer so much when it comes to mobile application development. It may be possible that it has some hidden vulnerability. So, it is advisable to test third-party libraries thoroughly before implementing to your application, It may have some malicious codes.

Run Security Test Thoroughly

One of the most important things during the mobile application development is, testing and it is also the most important thing for the security check as well. This is because the application goes through a lot of test runs during the development. Also, make sure that your application designed and developed as per security guidelines. Be careful about your application’s security. Keeping your user’s data secure is the most important thing. A single successful hacking attempt can put your successful application on to the stake. It is a crucial thing to invest in security for your mobile application. There are some other techniques as well, for ensuring security to your mobile application and it would depend on a case basis. If you would like to create the secure mobile application and wish to have secure user data or want to add security in the current application, do get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you.

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