Health Tracking Application

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HealthTracking Application to guide a healthier life. Application can record user’s daily activity and guide them to have optimum exercises and control nicotine.

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Health Tracking App Nutrition Activity

User can track their daily activities running, cardio, heart rate etc.

HealthTracking Application to guides a journey to a healthier life. Application User can access personal health information which helps to uncover the risks of body. User can add daily activities such as running, weight lifting exercise and application will count calories burnt for each activity. User can also add food intakes and application will count daily intake of calories. Application provides daily intake of nutrition and track a record of that. 

HealthTracking iOS Application_Nicotain Tracking

Application allows users to connect with Health Coaches and take consultations. User can improve health and overcome habits including unhealthy eating or reduce the use of nicotines etc.

The best feature of HealthTracking Application is to track activities towards wellness challenges, connect with friends and colleagues with custom 1-on-1 challenges, and earn badges for hitting milestones.