Cloud-Based Practice Management System

A Cloud-based Practice Management System supporting Web & Mobile Browser which helps Hospitals to manage appointments, patient info, Diagnosis & Treatment History and Accounting and Insurance.

Cloud-Based Practice Management System

We build a Cloud-based Practice Management System with focusing on Appointment Management, Patient Management & Insurance Management. The System manages Patient Appointments, Doctor Schedules, and Patient Information & History including diagnosis and treatment plans.

The receptionist can schedule appointments and confirm once a patient arrives at the Hospital and send it to the Assistant/Doctor for diagnosis. Firstly, the Assistant will record all the primary records such as demographic records, patient past medical history, allergic history, current medications etc. and send them to the Doctor.

Doctors can access primary records added by Nurse/Assistant, and add Diagnosis, Treatment Plan, Medication, Lab & Radiology Tests if any.

Doctors will record the diagnosis

Doctors will record the diagnosis. Doctors can add only one diagnosis as Primary. After Diagnosis, the Doctor can suggest Lab & Radiology tests if any, and add treatment plans for the same. Finally, Doctor adds medication details of the patient. They will record diagnosis and treatment plans, add required Lab/Radiology tests and medications. Assistant/Doctors can also schedule a follow-up appointment.

Pharmacist user get a list of assigned patients with a prescribed list of medicines. They can edit the prescription if prescribed medicines are not available but substitutes. They can manage HAAD & Non-HAAD drugs (UAE approved medicines list). After Medications, they send patients to the Cashier for billing.

Cashier will collect the payments for cash patients and claim insurances. Cashiers can manage insurance plans from different companies. Cashiers can also check the status of insurance claimed.

The system has Admin to manage all the users and user roles. Admin can add/edit/delete a user and manage their roles. Admin can also add Diagnosis Codes, Treatment Plan codes, Insurance Policy, Medications (HAAD & Non-HAAD), Lab Test & Radiology Tests and Group them. Admin Dashboard has been developed to check total patients, cash receivables and insurance claim status etc.

Practice Management System developed using Java and Angular and supports Web and Mobile browsers.

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