Incentive Calculating Solution

An Incentive Calculating solution focusing on calculating monthly commission based on job completed by the sales representative. 

A complete Incentive Calculating Solution with rule mapping to sales representatives, territories and interactive reports.

Incentive calculating application developed by using using NodeJS and Angular. Admin can manage Sales Representatives and Territories. Admin can set rules and calculating formulas for commission, and map with Territories. Admin can manage Sales Representatives, commission calculating formulas and map columns. Solution provide functionality to import/upload excel (CSV, XLS, XLSX) with map columns and map data utilities.

Admin can manage each Sales Representatives that is adding/editing their personal details, contact details, job assigned and status etc.  
Solution provides interactive dashboard to see profits by Sales Representatives, Territories, and can also filter by manufacturer. Admin can generates reports by Profit by Sales Representatives, Territories, Commission Paid, Commission Received, Profit by Manufactures, Total profit etc.