Billing and Insurance Management System for Hospitals & Clinics

A Billing & Insurance Management System using Microsoft Technologies which helps Hospitals & Clinics to manage Invoices, Accounting & Insurance Companies.

A Billing & Insurance Management System with focus on invoices, billing, and insurance management. Our solution deals with generating invoices, managing receivables & payments; managing insurance companies and their packages.

Billing & Insurance Management System generates invoices for patients, once doctor/nurse diagnosis is completed. The System consolidates all the activities such as diagnosis, lab reports, treatment plan, Medication and any special activity done on the patient. For non-insured patients, the system can update the payment in form of cash & cards, while for insured patients invoices sent to insurance companies and can be updated once payment is received.

Hospitals & Clinics can manage Insurance companies and their plans, and can view the claim status.

Billing and Insurance Management System_Insurance-plan-min

Insurance Management

  • Search Insurance Companies
  • Search Insurance Plans
  • Add Co-pay, Filling codes, Group Name
  • Check Eligibility & Benefits

Account Management

  • Patient Payment History
  • Patient Receivables
  • Separate ledger for Insurance Claim & Patient Receivables
  • Invoice Management
  • Account Management