Augmented Reality Technology Boosting Productivity Across Industries

New age technology innovation offering surprises to everyone, and the latest is Augmented Reality (AR). AR technology stratifies a computer or mobile generated the image on a user’s view of the real world thus providing a combined view. Augmented reality is making its way into the industries and organizations started experimenting it. Here are some use cases of Augmented Reality Technology and how it’s helping boost productivity and reduce errors in several industries.

Augmented Reality Technology boosting productivity across Industries

People are using Augmented Reality to bring ease to their lives and many forward-thinking companies are using it to improve their workflow and businesses.


Medical students are using anatomically correct AR 3D models for study purposes and AR simulations to train for surgical procedures. Real surgeries, on the other hand, are using remote physicians to give guidance and share expertise that is shown on display in real time to the performing surgeon.

Handheld scanners are being used to project the estimated position of veins in a patient’s bodies for increased accuracy when drawing blood. Doctors are providing better explanations about diagnosis and treatments through enriched AR content and Pharma companies are providing drug info in a 3D AR setting for a better understanding of medicament working mechanisms and dosage instructions.


Warehouse employees are scanning their orders to be guided by AR prompts that offer the best route to move faster and more efficiently, indicating the precise storage location.


Use of interactive AR books that include animated 3D models, sound, and engaging actions. Customizable printable AR worksheets, linked to the content of a specific lesson, for in-class usage, homework and study purposes. Enhancing field trip experiences with more information and interaction by visiting locations that have incorporated AR features.


Shoppers can use AR product placement to see how the object will look like in their environment, being able to change color and style, before the purchase. Through AR animations, shoppers can also better understand how a product works and functions.


Travel guides and maps, both printed and digital, are being enhanced with augmented reality content to provide extra information for tourism. With AR, tourists can easily find valuable information by scanning their surroundings to get pinpoint props of free wifi, restaurant and accommodation tips, customer reviews, directions, transportation options, historical facts, interactive maps, customizable itineraries and more.


Instead of using expensive equipment like, single-use targets, bombs, ammunition, aircraft, and others, AR technology is being used to substitute these components during military training. AR is also utilized to enhance the vision and navigation of pilots and soldiers by providing target identification, obstacle avoidance, terrain information, more precision in aiming and even ally and enemy location.


Augmented reality can also present structure models and allow for easy 3D model adjustment on the building interior, but it can keep the exterior design intact. So with that, an expert can also simply remove or shift walls or change the designs using only a few taps. AR can enable engineers to view their finished project on site before the actual building process begins.

Apart from these, there are many other uses of AR Technology and also, other industries like Manufacturing, Hospitality etc can use AR to increase productivity.

If you would like to create an AR supported application or wish to upgrade your application with AR feature, do get in touch with us and we would be happy to help you.