Air Quality Index and Weather Forecast iOS Application

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The iPhone and Apple Watch applications provide users with up-to-date information on air quality in the USA. With real-time data gathered from air quality monitoring stations across the country, users can receive detailed information on the level of pollutants in their immediate surroundings.

The application features an easy-to-use interface that displays air quality information in a clear and intuitive format. Users can view the current air quality index (AQI) for their location, along with detailed information on the pollutants present in the air, such as particulate matter, ozone, Humidity and Wind Speed. The application also allow users to search and add different cities in the country and check air quality information for those cities.

The Apple Watch application is designed to provide users with quick access to air quality information on the go. Users can receive notifications on their watch when air quality levels in their area reach certain thresholds, and view current air quality information with just a few taps on their wrist. The watch application also includes a complication feature that allows users to view air quality information directly on their watch face.

Overall, the iPhone and Apple Watch application provides users with valuable information on air quality in the USA, helping them to make informed decisions about their daily activities and protect their health and well-being.


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